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1932 Ford Models

Categories: 1932 Ford, Articles on the 1932 Ford | 2010 | by Mr. Ford

1932 Ford Models -Ford motor is one of the leading American MNC which has been operating since 1903. Since its inception, Ford motor is recognized around the world for its swanky cars in terms of engine, mileage and looks.  The revolutionary period of Ford came with its two leading models like model b and model 18, which were released in 1932.

The Model B was an upgrade of model then very popular model A, where as the popular name of model 18 was then Model v-8. The best features of model B and Model 18 were that they came in different body types like two-door roadster, two-door cabriolet, four-door phaeton, two-door and four-door sedans, four-door 'Woodie" station wagon, two-door Victoria, two-door Convertible Sedan, Panel and Sedan Deliveries, five-window coupe, a sport coupe (stationary soft-top) and the three-window Deluxe Coupe.

These wide range of combinations allowed Ford to meet requirements of different people and hence ensured sales. Moreover, the pricing was kept from as low as $450 to as high as $900+, which covered different models for people with different finances as well.

The pricing and the rapid economic growth of the United States ensured very huge sales of these car models and made them truly “People’s Cars”. Now with these cars, no more in production people across the world are ready to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get their swanky cars converted into replica of the famous ford model B and Model 18.

The impression of these cars and their aesthetic appeal have ensured that various cars of these models are restored and maintained and many suppliers provide different spare parts and chassis to convert the new cars into the replica of these well renowned cars that shaped the history of the automobile history.

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