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1932 Ford History

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1932 ford history

For more than a century Ford is well known for its class, elegance and performance in the automobile industry.  Henry Ford, a well known business person from US founded this company in the year 1903. Even now it has a stiff competition with big automobile companies like General Motors, Toyota and Volkswagen in terms of number of vehicles sold annually. The 1932 Ford revolutionized the automobile industry forever. It was in this year that Henry Ford turned the presidency to his son Edsel Ford who had immense ambition of taking the company to a greater height. A great amount of thought, time and money was invested those days to come up with this model.

1932 Ford is better known as “The Deuce”.  In the 1940s, this deuce model of Ford became an ideal hot rod. Hot rodders would strip weight off this readily available car and soup up the engine. Two different models of Deuce appeared on roads.  One is more commonly known as 1932 ford 5 window coupe which had 5 windows - 2 door windows, 2 quarter panel windows, and the fifth is the rear window. The second body style of the deuce is the 3 window type.

The contract of building bodies for Deuce was given to Briggs and Murray; hence many people do reckon that the credit of styling the Deuce goes to Briggs and Murray. The true designer of the Ford during 1932 was Eugene Gregorie, was a creative person hired by Edsel Ford, and also bags the credit for this famous 1932 model. The Deuce was the earliest model of 1932. Even before the introduction of the Deuce, V-8 engine had already obtained a good hype as it was used in almost all the big luxury cars. The Introduction of the Deuce with V-8 engine obtained an overwhelming response from the public.

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