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1932 Ford Coupe

Categories: 1932 Ford, Articles on the 1932 Ford | 2015 | by Mr. Ford

The 1932 Ford Coupe - Ford is one among the brand names in the automobile industry. Ford has been delivering world class automobiles for a period of more than 100 years for now. It all started when Henry Ford started this company in 1903 in US. It is still a very dependable company known for its class and performance. It gives a stiff competition to other leading automobile companies like Toyota, Volkswagen, General Motors and many others.

Although the company came into existence in 1903, it was in 1932 the fortunes of Ford turned. It was this year that the founder Henry Ford transferred his company’s president position to his son Edsel Ford. Edsel Ford was very well known for his innovative ideas. It is under his tenure Ford made a remarkable name in the automobile market.

Various models came into picture once Edsel started implementing his thoughts. He was wise enough to incorporate the famous V-8 engine, which already had a very good market and was part of almost all luxury cars of those days. V-8 engine was well known for its sheer power and performance, which boosted the performance and hence the trade of Ford products.

The Deuce was one of the early 1932 model from Ford was well known for its body design, although some argue that this design is not originally from Ford. The other models which followed the Deuce were the Ford De Luxe Coupe which featured the very rare 3 window model, The Ford hot rod whose original body was very expensive, The Pickup truck model famous for its luggage carrying capacity.

Apart from these the other models are the 2 door roadster, 2 door coupe, 2 door sedan, 4 door sedan, 2 door cabriolet, 2 door phaeton and the very famous 5 window coupe. There are few places where you can actually buy these replicate 1932 models. Lot of information on the different models, body parts and its trading is available on the web.

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